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Together with partner Lim Keong Wee, both Melvin and Keong Wee co-founded Legion of Racers in 2018. Legion of Racers is an esports sim racing team and organiser of Singapore's first Sim Racing League that gathers the fastest esports racers in the region, combining the best in motorsports and the gaming world. The world of esports Sim Racing brings together online gamers who race in games such as Project Cars 2, GT Sport, Formula 1 2019 and Forza on consoles and PC.

Legion of Racers brings together these enthusiasts to participate in a league which helps us identify the top talents in esports racing within the region. With the rise of esports globally which has brought about an astronomical amount of following, the Legion of Racers was borne out of passion for motorsports as well as filling a need to combine the best of esports and motor-racing.

Our current esports team consists of professional Sim Racing talents from Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines who will continuously compete at a regional and international level.

For those who are interested, please visit Legion of Racers at

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