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Driving Coaching with Melvin

More than 20 years of Racing Experience

Melvin started his racing career at the age of 14 in go karts and has been racing for more than 20 years. With karting, formula cars and GT racing experience under his belt, Melvin will be able to help you improve your driving skills and become a better race driver.

Coaching Experience

Melvin started coaching race drivers in 2007 during the Petronas Formula Xperience program. Since then, he has been involved in many coaching activities/program in karting and GT racing. Besides coaching race drivers, Melvin is also one of the global instructors for the AMG Driving Academy in China since 2013 and has participated in events in Australia, India and Europe. 

Coaching Methods

Melvin's coaching methods involves using Data Analysis and Video Analysis system to help improve driving techniques.

Should you be interested, please feel free to contact Melvin in the Contact Section.

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